AgrioPro: Greenhouse automation

All in one IoT station for agriculture can monitor climate, soil and plants parameters and control different devices at the same time. This station is used to monitor and control middle and big size greenhouse or irrigation facilities.

It has 6 universal inputs for any kind of sensors and can be configured for different applications. Output options include 4 relays and 4 valves. Relays can control any kind of devices,valves can control irrigation systems. With AgrioPro, full automation of drip irrigation can be archived, including fertigation and pump control. Control can be done manually, by scheluder or by using sensor base irrigatin software from other companies. For more details about applications, see chaper Applications.

Powered by solar panel and rechargeable battery, it provides energy independent functionality under all weather conditions around the year. Internet connection does not require SIM card and GSM contract.

Technical parameters

Model ACHS21

Outputs / Controlling

Number of valves 4
Type of valves Latching valve 9 ~ 18V DC
Number or relays 4
Type of relays 120V AC/DC

Sensor inputs

Universal analog/digital inputs 6;Analog, TTL, SDI-12, 1-Wire
Rain gauge / water meter 1
Wind speed / water meter 1
Communication standard LoRa / NB-IoT
Communication interval 10 ~ 60 seconds
Communication distance 5 ~ 10 km
Power supply
Battery 2 x Lithium rechargeable
Solar panel External with 5 ~ 10 m cable
Temperature range -20℃~ +80℃
Protection class IP-65

Web platform