AgrioValve: Irrigation automation

This device controls two latching valves via Internet. Valves can be switched on / off directly from Agri Commander web platform either manually or automatically by software. Except valves, it has 2 water pressure sensors and one any kind of sensor (like soil moisture or phytosensor). Powered by solar panel and rechargeable battery, it provides energy independent functionality under all weather conditions. LoRa Internet connection does not require SIM card and GSM contract. Small form factor, low price and low energy consumption makes it perfect solution for small and middle size farms using drip irrigation.

Technical parameters

Model ACSV12

Outputs / Controlling

Number of valves 2
Type of valves Latching valve 9 ~ 18V DC
Sensor inputs
Sensors 1 x analog or TTL or 1-Wire
Pressure sensor 2 x analog 0 ~ 2.4 V
Water counters 1
Communication range 5 ~ 10 km
Communication standard LoRa / NB-IoT
Communication interval 10 ~ 60 sec 1
Power supply
Battery 2 x Lithium rechargeable
Solar panel External with 5 ~ 10 m cable
Temperature range -20℃~ +80℃
Protection class IP-65


Web platform

AgrioValve is controlled by the central web platform. One or two routers must be installed per 5-10 Km. 1000 x of valves can be connected to a single router.
Device communicates every few seconds. Sensors data is sent to the web application Agri Commander and commands are sent to device.