Wireless Sensor Node

Climate and soil monitoring device for agriculture. Powered by 3 x AA batteries, it can work autonomously for 1 – 3years. Battery can be easily replaced. Solar panel is not needed.
It has 6 universal sensor inputs. Any kind of sensors can be connected to the same input. Sensors from different suppliers can be used without any changes. Configuration of sensors is done on the web application. See ‘Sensors’ for more details.
Device continuously sends data directly to web server. Sending interval can be few seconds, which makes it real time. Internet connection does not require SIM card and GSM contract.

Technical parameters:

Model : ACSV12
Battery : 3 x Alkaline AA 1.5V batteries

Sensors :
Rain gauge / water meter : 1

Wind speed / water meter : 1

Universal analog/digital inputs : 6|Analog, TTL, SDI-12, 1-Wire

Communication :
Communication standard : LoRa / NB-IoT

Communication interval : 10-60 sec (1)

Communication distance : 5 – 10 km

Environmental :
Temperature range : -20…+80℃

Protection class : IP-65
(1) In case of LoRa, communication interval depends on the distance between device and router.

Web platform

Single Wireless Valve is controlled by the central web platform. In case of using NB-IoT It does not need any extra devices. In case of using LoRa, one router must be installed per 5-10 Km.

Device communicates every few seconds. Sensors data is sent to the web application. 1000 x of sensor nodes can be connected to a single web server. Web server can be installed on customer’s hardware.


One of biggest advantages of wireless sensor node of AgrioCom is possibility to connect different kinds of sensors to the same input. WSN has 6 universal inputs that support analog, TTL, 1-Wire and SDI-12 sensors. After connecting the sensors, customer selects type sensor for every input on the web server. Web server automatically transfers this information to the device and device adjust itself accordingly. If device is ordered with sensors, it comes completely configured. Changes can be done any time later.
This feature saves the cost and gives the customer great flexibility. Any kind of configuration can be built according to application. Examples of sensor configuration:
GBI : 2 x GS1, 1 x Leaf temperature, 3 x plant / trunk size.
Soil research : 6 x SDI-12 soil moisture or water potential.
Frost prevention : 3 x analog temperature / humidity probes.
Climate : Temperature, humidity, radiation, rain gauge, wind speed, wind direction.