About AgrioCom

We believe that digital agriculture must be affordable for every farm!
To achieve this, we have created simple and reliable devices and web platform that implements most important functionality for growers!

Weather, soil and plants monitoring

Single low cost device allows monitoring of any kind of data, giving every farm advantage of digital agriculture.
With continuous analysis of data, optimize every part of growing process to keep plants healthy, improve yields and save resources.

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Irrigation automation

Single device can operate irrigation valves, pumps and fertigation system, providing automatic irrigation control based on your crop’s needs. Customer can control irrigation in real time manually or automatically by time or amount of water.

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Greenhouse automation

Very simple device implements most important functionality of greenhouse automation for a small part of cost . Control of irrigation, ventilation, heating, CO2, on the base of measured data and create ideal condition for plants growth.

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AgrioCom Offices

China Office:

ShenZhen Agrio IoT Technology Co. LTD,
Room 201, Block A,No.1, Qianwan Road 1,
Qinghaishen port cooperative District,
518052 – Shenzhen, China.
Phone: +86 15652960676
Email: info@agriocom.com

Austria office:

Krottendorfer Strasse 53/26
8052 – Graz, Austria
Phone: +43 664 3169288
Email: info@agriocom.com

Meet Our Team

Vitaly Ignatovich

Vitaly Ignatovich


Vitaly has more than 20 years of experience in design and development of climate & soil monitoring systems. He is first among who developed first ever internet based monitoring systems. He architected first cloud based device management and decision support system and paved the way for real Internet of Things systems 17 years back. His vision and expertise enabled us to develop first NB-IoT and LoRa based monitoring and controlling systems also.

Amitabh Verma

Amitabh Verma


Amitabh has been associated with climate monitoring industry for 15 years. He has deep understanding and knowledge of technology involved, operations and marketing of monitoring systems. He has been helping businesses to understand the market requirement, development, production and logistics.
He has master degree in computers.

Tracy Su

Tracy Su

COO, China

Bachelor degree in agriculture
Tracy has managerial experience in company office affair, bidding , certification, people management , HR and finance. She is responsible for operations of AgrioCom China.
You can reach her at
+86 15652960676