Company profile

Agriocom is the leading manufacturer of IoT technology for agriculture, produced the a new generation IoT devices through the advanced technology LoRa or NB module in the world. It makes the technology make ours more advanced, more cheaper (almost 2 times cheaper) than other similar devices.

With our motto “Utimately Digital Agriculture”, Agriocom was created by famous expert of IoT Vitaly Ignatovich and his technology team. The devices are the result of 20 years of experience in the development of system on agriculture IoT. We developed and produced the next generation monitoring and controlling devices through conquering the most difficulty technology.

Agriocom was established in Shenzhen, China, has set up branch in Austria and India, our production will be sold to China, Europe, USA, Russia, India , Isreal and etc., more than 20 counries all over the world.

Every monitoring and controlling device will have LoRa module programmed for sending data to web server. Provision for NB-IoT module will be done and tested. Upon availability of NB-IoT from 4G/LTE providers, new module of devices will be released with built-in NB-IoT module. It will have the same protocol and replacement from LoRa to NB-IoT will be completely seamless.
Having only LoRa or NB-IoT module on the device will make it more economical and reliable than GPRS or 4G modem. Removing the need of the base station will decrease cost of development, production, deployment and support.

Our Mission

We believe digital agriculture must be affordable for every farm!

Our team

Vitaly Ignatovich

Vitaly has more than 20 years of experience in design and development of climate & soil monitoring systems. He is first among who developed first ever internet based monitoring systems. He architected first cloud based device management and decision support system and paved the way for real Internet of Things systems 17 years back. His vision and expertise enabled us to develop first NB-IoT and LoRa based monitoring and controlling systems also.
He has master degree in electronics, has worked with big IoT company in Austria.

Amitabh Verma


Amitabh has been associated with climate monitoring industry for 15 years. He has deep understanding and knowledge of technology involved, operations and marketing of monitoring systems. He has been helping businesses to understand the market requirement, development, production and logistics.
He has master degree in computers, has have good experience to work with multinational big company for 10 years.

Tracy Su


Tracy has worked with international company on finance about 5 years. She has good experience and knowledge on international business.
She has bachelor degree, now is reading international MBA in Austria.