• Reactive programming (9/20/2018) by admin - Reactive programming is counter intuitive at first, like many other advanced patterns. In fact, it is most natural way of programming of event based applications. Every UI application consists of small procedural routines glued together with some event driven framework. Events are fired upon user's interaction with our application. Patterns of interactions are totally random. Continue Reading
  • Walking from GPRS to LoRa – Reclaim Your Connectivity (10/31/2017) by Vitaly Ignatovich - And how to do it for digital agriculture step by step. We discussed about different communication options for digital agriculture in the previous article. Among few choices we have selected LoRa LPWAN. What is the difference between GPRS and LoRa from point of view of the end user and company? Well, everything is different. Switching from GPRS Continue Reading
  • LoRa and NB-IoT for digital agriculture (10/2/2017) by Vitaly Ignatovich - In agriculture, most of people understand IoT as some measurement tools that send data to web site. For example a personal weather station measures temperature, humidity, wind, soil moisture and sends all these data to a web server. Different applications running on the web server help farmer to optimize the use of resources and improve Continue Reading
  • Node JS (9/10/2017) by Vitaly Ignatovich - Node JS first appeared in 2010 and since that has been rocketing in the sky of web development. It has broken all previous concepts and beliefs.
  • NoSQL – first experience – It’s great (8/11/2017) by Vitaly Ignatovich - Tell me what is your data structure and I'll tell you who you are. We have come from RDBMS - people born in 20th century.